bioTOPIC is a personally owned company, belonging to Niels-Henrik Norsker.

About Niels-Henrik Norsker:

Graduated as a plant physiologist from Copenhagen University in 1983 (Danish degree, cand. scient), Niels-Henrik Norsker has extensive experience in industrial production of plant based natural substances for pharmaceutical use.

He has been employed as project manager in the danish engineering company Denconsult and as a research assistent in Aalborg University and has held several positions as lecturer in general biology and plant physiology in university and high schools.

In 1991, Niels-Henrik Norsker founded the biotechnology company BioProcess A/S to which he served as research manager. The company developed ground breaking technology of industrial fermentation of microalgal metabolites based on mixotropy which combines photosynthesis and fermentation.

Since its establishment in 2005, bioTOPIC has assisted many pharmaceutical and bioindustrial clients extending their knowledge base on plant based natural substances, IP development and regulatory affairs in natural drugs by dre studio for cheap